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FR8006 - Chateau Clinet 2008 Pomerol Add
Unit Price HK$650.00

FR6100 - Chateau Clinet 2009 Pomerol Add
Unit Price HK$2,100.00

FR7022 - Chateau clinet 2010 pomerol Add
Unit Price HK$880.00

FR0112 - Chateau Eglise clinet 2000 Pomerol Add
Unit Price HK$2,650.00

FR0119 - Chateau Eglise clinet 2012 pomerol Add
Unit Price HK$1,450.00

FR9357 - Chateau Eglise Clinet 2014 pomerol Add
Unit Price HK$1,160.00

FR0019 - Chateau Eglise clinet pomerol 2013 Add
Unit Price HK$1,020.00

FR6500 - Chateau Gazin Pomerol 2012 Add
Unit Price HK$530.00

FR8022 - Chateau Le Bon Pasteur 2010 Pomerol Add
Unit Price HK$600.00

FR8104 - CHateau Petrus 1988 Pomerol Add
Unit Price HK$18,500.00

LQ005 - Chateau Petrus 1996 pomerol Add
Unit Price HK$19,600.00

FR0078 - Chateau Petrus 2006 Pomerol Add
Unit Price HK$19,600.00

FR0084 - Le Petit Eglise 2011 Pomerol Add
Unit Price HK$300.00

FR8934 - Manior de gay pomerol 2015 Add
Unit Price HK$240.00

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